Trans Metalite India Limited as we stand on the threshold of a new millennium, we are faced with countless challenges and struggles within the broader social parameters of which we are a very small fragment.

Trans Metalite India Limited is a high-technology company delivering technical services to a wide range of clients, who rely on our products to guide their decision-making processes.

The Quality-Control principles which directly guide our production operations and also apply to our support functions, including management, administration, logistics, and Research and Development.

Trans Metalite India Limited has done similar work (Pot – Hole Repair) for government departments like – Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Municipal Corporationof Faridabad and HUDA and the work of the company has been highly appreciated by the departments and the local residents.


We care about the carbon footprint so our main focus is to deliver environmental solutions with our systems.


Our heaters allow us to recycle the existing material so you don’t have to send anything to landfill, it also means you use less material in the repair.


Everything required to undertake a repair is contained on one vehicle, this reduces the carbon footprint when compared with traditional methods.


The patented system minimises disruption to road users and reduces costs by up to 40%.